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Re: Telepathy - why not use it more often?

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Ivanova's wrath/fear plus her latent talent might have been giving Bester something, yeah.

I've often wondered about the Centauri telepaths. They definitely seem more laissez-faire, more freelance, than the Human or Minbari structures.

But here's another wrinkle/can of worms: most of the telepathy we see in the B5 universe was specifically engineered by the Vorlons (including, I believe, their own). But we have strong indications that the Vorlons didn't meddle with the Centauri, since a) Londo sees nothing when he looks at Kosh, and b) the Centauri seem to have more of a historic connection with the Shadows, although I admit the evidence for this is tenuous.

So where did they get their telepathy?

And where did they get their ability to foresee the future? The Human teeps don't seem to be able to do that, and the only prophecies we ever hear from the Minbari are Valen's and we know how they got those. The only Vorlon prophecy we get ("If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die") seems to have been a warning more than anything else, and even if it's a prophecy, it's not that hard of one. I imagine that quite a lot of people who go to Z'ha'dum die there.

So how do the Centauri manage to see the future?

Two mysteries, quite possibly linked.

I do note that Centauri prophecy is at least conditional: Lady Ladira tells Sinclair that her vision is a possible future, Lady Morella lays out three possibilities for Londo, and last but not least, Londo actively tries to kill G'Kar at least once during the 2258-2262 span of the show, despite his dream. So the Centauri can glimpse the future, but it is never definite.

Frankly, I imagine this causes more problems than it solves; I can envision any number of "Oedipus Rex"-style stories in Centauri literature.

Try watching "Secrets of the Soul" The Vorlons created Centauri telepaths, you see a Centauri neonate floating in an artificial womb there.
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