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Re: Telepathy - why not use it more often?

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KoshFan, this is all terrific! And not all that tenuous. I had never given any thought to the first Centauri Emperor consulting with a Technomage, but it certainly does point to an important event. It's possible that the first Centauri Emperor's initial meeting with a Technomage is the event that caused the Vorlons to cut the Centauri off. I wonder what the timeline of all of this was? And I'll have to look into the timing of the Xon war/extermination as well.

It is a bit odd that the Centauri were such a readily-manipulated ally for the Shadows, but the Minbari and Vorlons didn't do anything to prepare for that eventuality. Delenn said there was a danger of revealing the Shadows' involvement with the new wave of conflicts, that they could move before the allies were ready for them. But when they did come out into the open, there still wasn't a plan. And the Vorlons, for all their sway with the Minbari, didn't do anything when the Warrior Caste decided to sit out the war. I would think a violation of their long alliance like this would not go over well with the Vorlons.

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In 1258 with the extermination of the Xon, the new Centaurum chose the head of House Kiro (responsible for the final genocide of the Xon) to be the new Emperor. He consulted with the Taratimude techno-mages Frazur and his two associates before taking the Throne.
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