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Re: Telepathy - why not use it more often?

The Centauri connection to the Shadows is extremely tenuous. But:

1) The Shadows are all about eyes. Their defense system over Z'ha'dum takes the form of Shadow eyes, and Morden refers to "our eye." The "Keepers" are practically nothing but eye, physically. And the oldest symbol of Centauri royalty is... the Eye.

2) The first emperor reportedly consulted with technomages, and the technomages are Shadow-connected. Presumably the technomages in that era would have been Centauri themselves.

3) The legends of the Drakh that you just mentioned (and that I had forgotten, actually).

Not much, is it? But when you pair it with the fact that Kosh did not appear to Londo, and that the Centauri were so swiftly adopted to the Shadows' purpose, it is at least worth considering. Compared to the Minbari or the Narn, for instance, who were clearly Vorlon-aligned the last time around. Plus it's easy to construct a narrative where the Centauri were fighting the Xon, the Shadows picked one side and the Vorlons the other, and the Shadow team won out. A classic Cold War proxy setup, really.

Regardless of that, however, here's the essential question: why would the Vorlons give the Centauri telepathy and not condition them to react in holy awe like they did for just about every other dang race we've seen? Especially since it seems the Vorlons conditioned most everyone but didn't necessarily hand out the telepaths to every race. I have to figure that the Vorlons left the Centauri alone for a reason (which is another, indirect clue of Shadow influence) but the Centauri still got telepathy somehow.
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