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Re: Stand Alone Episodes

Originally Posted by Karajorma View Post
Whether we'd have seen them again in Crusade or Legend of the Rangers is another matter.
Very good point and to my point exactly. I wonder if JMS setup beings like ViCaRs and the Vindrizi with the intent that they might have been used in future episodes of B5 or in any expansion series or movie of the B5 Universe? Were the Vindrizi introduced simply to introduce symbiotic lifeforms, possibly to pave the way for the Keepers, or was he thinking he might want to use the Vindrizi if the opportunity presented itself in future episodes or future spinoffs/movies? I think it is very logical to assume that the Vindrizi would have shown up in Crusade. Franklin knew of their existence and knowledge base. It only seems logical that he would have given Gideon that information so he could search out those individuals he knew joined with Vindrizi.

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