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Re: Stand Alone Episodes

Wow I searched "Exogenesis" and this is the only thread that popped up. Is this really the only place that episode has been discussed?

I was watching Exogenesis, Episode 3.7, and a question occurred to me - did JMS have other plans to use the Vindrizi or were they just introduced to introduce the concept symbiotic organisms? I ask this because they describe themselves a living records, which seems similar to another concept JMS introduced and never did much with ViCaRs. My point is that the Vindrizi would have been a VERY valuable ally to have in the Shadow War. Plus they would have been an extremely valuable asset to have around period. Of course it is mentioned that they want the secret kept because "Information is power.", but doesn't it seem logical that we should have seen some attempt to tap that resource? I guess the answer to that question is if we didn't see the effort to tap that resource then JMS must not have intended for the Vindrizi to ever be referenced again. But maybe I am wrong. Anyone know a different answer?
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