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Re: JMS: Saved by Superman

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Through my excellent powers of deduction I have surmised that the intended word was "hearts", but far be it from me to put words in Jan's finger tips.

I will use this forum to express my dissatisfaction at the fact that this announcement was made now instead of closer to April 6, my first date in the Skywatch game. I wouldn't want Melanie to read my jealous words. LOL

Will I buy this book? Probably
Will I read this book? Probably not.

I believe I have said this before, there is such a thing as knowing too much about a person - I still haven't been able to bring myself to finish Babylon Confidential. Not that I dislike Claudia at all. It just seems like there is such a thing as knowing too much about someone who you put on a pedestal and this upcoming book might do that.

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