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Re: What was the original 5-year plan?

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I think/hope JMS is writing a biography that may include some of those anecdotes. One involves the sudden departure of Sinclair due to the actor's health problems. Not only did the departure have to be written around, but his eventual fate turned into one of the best plot twists in television science fiction history. An amazing twist. And I don't think any of that was planned, not originally.
Oh? Was that why Sheridan arrived for season 2? I had been lead to believe by the guy that introduced me to B5 years ago that JMS had decided that there was too much plot to give to one character, so he split it between the two of them instead.

Or are both true and you're referring to something that happened later?
Joe is on record as saying had Sinclair stayed it would have been pushing credulity for him to have a connection to both the Shadows AND the Minbari, so planned to bring a Sheridan like character in during Season 2.

Interestingly in the pitch document from September 1989 Sinclair is described as a widower.
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