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Logic Contradiction From Delenn - How To Resolve?

Was thinking about Babylon 5 the other day, and wanted to come back to the site after a long time gone to ask about a contradiction in Delenn's logic:

In Episode 2x21 - Comes the Inquisitor - As Sheridan and Delenn is being tortured by Sebastian, she states "This is my cause - life! One life or a billion it's all the same"

Later in Episode 3x14 Ship of Tears - She admits to G'Kar that she knew about the shadows role in the destruction of Narn - "We had to choose between choose between the death of millions and the death of billions" G'Kar responds that "Some must be sacrificed if others are to be saved" (a common phrase in the series).

This is a logical contradiction in my eyes, but would love some other thoughts.
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