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Re: Change in "Be Seeing You" Prisoner Reference

Definitely forehead, not eye. I think it's just a phrase Bester uses a lot. He said it in
- 'Mind War' to Sinclair
- 'The Face of the Enemy' to Garibaldi
- 'Strange Relations' to Lyta
- 'The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father' to Franklin.

...but I think the only time he used the salute was in 'Mind War'. It *may* have meant to be meaningful in the show because the script for 'Revelations' makes the point that Garibaldi's Aide:

"And he gives Garibaldi the same circle-over-forehead salute
that Bester gave him. Garibaldi turns away, exits."

My thinking is that it may have been a possible thread that was dropped but that it didn't necessarily have to be an homage to 'The Prisoner'.
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