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Re: What was the original 5-year plan?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
They knew for sure they were cancelled after four when they got the season four green light. The PTEN network had collapsed after season three and the only reason season four was greenlit was because enough stations signed on. But a show doesn't outlive its network so JMS was told on no uncertain terms that there was nothing after four.

That said, there was less change than people often think. JMS has said that first he separated out the stand-alones (which explains why there are more of those in season 5) and moved a few things to the possible movies but that if he'd known he would have had season five, season four would have ended at 'Intersections in Real Time'.

Oh wow, so they knew for the entire season?

That must have been tough to take!

Interesting about Intersections. Wasn't that the torture episode? Would have been a harsh end to the season, that would!
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