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Re: Theory on "In the Beginning"

Originally Posted by glamourweaver View Post
Its all confusion, faulty intel, & literary-liscence on Emperor Mollari's part. Nothing in his story can be assumed on its face to be B5 canon & that might be intentional...

- In his tale the Rangers have existed continuously, despite Naroon having made clear in Season 3 when Delenn took command that the Religious Caste recomissioned them after centuries & it had always been the Warrior Caste who oversaw them in the past.

- Satai Hadronn of the Religious Caste has become Satai Coplann of the Warrior Caste. (faulty Centauri intel, or the Emperor getting details confused)

- There is no way that Sheridan, Franklin & G'Kar had met before (its explicit at the beginning of Season 2... the same episode where we meet Satai Hadronn of the Religious Caste.... that Sheridan is new to Franklin). That event may have occured with G'Kar and 2 humans; or Franklin another human & a Narn; but there is no way it was the 3 of them.

- Gonya having served under Sheridan would have come up considering how close he & Cmd. Ivanovah were

- Mollari had been a weak joke in the Royal Court. There was no way he could have ordered a strike like that. The strike could have happened & he could have been in on it; but I think he was assuming more responsibility than he was due out of a general guilt complex relating to his... other deeds.

Most glaring of all... Emperor Mollari II states he cared for all four of his wives... this more than anything else is the most blatant signal to the fans to take everything he says with a grain of salt.
To answer your points:

The Rangers were charged in 1261 (after the end of the Shadow war) to watch for the Shadows return and intelligence gathering activities. They weren't actually commissioned to fight again. And as Lenonn pointed out there were few of them now most were getting old and they were seriously underfunded.

Coplann and Hedronn are one and the same. Coplann used an alias while parading as a functionary from the Minbari Ministry of Culture while investigating Delenn's status for the Council.

How do you know? It was a classified mission and as pointed out you never get to see G'Kar and Sheridan's first meeting.

It's Ganya Ivanov. And does every officer aboard a ship know the names of all the crew? How do you know that Ivanova and Sheridan didn't talk about Ganya while they were posted to Io.

Londo as far as I recall is not directly responsible for ordering the strike, he was certainly responsible for providing faulty intelligence.

Grasping at straws aren't we, here's Londo just gone through 20 years of crap and only an hour or so away from his death, why shouldn't he have reconsidered his feelings?

You're just nit picking for the sake of trying to prove your point when most of this has already been answered

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