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Re: Reading Between The Lines - The Gathering

Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
One factor to take into account is that Lyta is a telepath - a walking lie detector. Her talent does not allow her to detect lies in videos and written material but she can surface scan the man walking beside her. She would know what the official story (lie?) about the Babylon 4 mystery but not the real story. The commander of Babylon 5 is likely to know what actually happened to Babylon 4. For instance if it was stolen by a powerful race the government could cover this up until Earth Force had built sufficient warships to demand it back.
So you think she asked "Why Babylon 5?" in an attempt to see if she could detect if he knew the truth about what happened to Babylon 4? That is an interesting theory that I don't think is true, but it is an interesting theory.

Originally Posted by b5historyman View Post

Well I did point out in post above about third parties being involved. So it may not have come as a surprise to Varner that the assassin came to his quarters and cleared for access by Laurel. Remember the Minbari missed his rendezvous with Varner. Laurel was in on it so knew who the assassin would be and needed to propel the assassination forward.
Yeah I realized all that. I think what I really want to know is how much would have been revealed when Takashima's alternate personality was exposed had she continued on the show? Would we have been told she altered the logs and the lift and every little detail or would we have just been expected to assume the chain of logic that the alter ego had done every unexplained bad thing in the show to the point when the hidden persona was exposed?
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