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Re: Reading Between The Lines - The Gathering

Okay time for another installment.....

In the midst of Lyta’s arrival we are introduced to G’Kar through his complaint to Takashima. Reading Between The Lines of this interaction we learn of the Narn and a bit about G’Kar. It is great how this is all connected to the assassin trying to gain access to B5, but it also exposes something else. G’Kar says the Narn are “dedicated to peace.” and Takashima points out that there are reports of Narn aggression against some “fringe” worlds. This dialogue establishes that G’Kar is playing a propaganda game while his government is starting to be aggressive. I think this is a point that should not be missed and closely ties The Gathering to Midnight on The Firing Line. If a new viewer were to start Babylon 5 with Midnight on The Firing Line the Narn attack on Ragesh 3 plays out like it is out of the blue. You might start the series thinking the Narn are the aggressors of the series or that maybe they really did just want to reclaim Ragesh 3. Having this one little interaction with Takashima in The Gathering we learn there is more. It gels so well with the idea that they would think they could get away with the assault on Ragesh 3 because they have managed other engagements without major repercussions. Viewers learn later in The Gathering that the Centauri conquered the Narn and that the Narn have a hand in the Kosh assassination attempt which creates a layered impression of the Narn when Midnight on The Firing Line begins. Having seen The Gathering one knows that the assault on Ragesh 3 is another movement in a larger Narn campaign as opposed to starting the series with Midnight on The Firing line and thinking Ragesh 3 could just be a standalone incident or attempt to reclaim lost territory.

This is just a point I want people who say The Gathering can be skipped to see.
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