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In one of the Technomage novels, someone thinks (maybe Kosh?) about how the Shadows have evolved to the same extent that the Vorlons have, that they are energy beings, but still prefer to use physical bodies. I haven't read those books in a while, so I can't tell you which book or page, or the exact quote. I think that trilogy is considered 'mostly canon' or something along those lines.

I hadn't heard about those JMS posts on the assassination details, I'll check them out, thanks! I also mainly rely on the Lurker's Guide for such insights. That page is so great.

I find it kind of funny that I even brought all this up. I don't really enjoy The Gathering all that much, although I did enjoy some of the performances, and Stewart Copeland's soundtrack. JMS said that it was filmed using a five year old script, and clearly the story went in different directions once the series began. They largely moved away from the sinister Minbari Warrior Caste stories, with a few notable exceptions. But we never even saw a Wind Sword after The Gathering, either on-screen or in the books or comics, as far as I know. Yet another thing I always liked about B5, JMS' willingness to jettison plot lines in favor of more interesting ones he came up with along the way. The flexibility of his storytelling is really impressive. But I also like how the ongoing tensions, suspicions and resentment from the Earth-Minbari War never disappeared. For much of my childhood, the bitterness over the Vietnam War cast such a shadow over the United States, and it does take time to move on. It was refreshing to see such depth in a war story on a television science fiction series, I think exploring the psychological aftermath of a conflict was almost unheard of at the time.

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I've nearly finished my umpteenth read through of the techno-mage trilogy and have yet to see any statement to that effect. Besides Joe has said the Vorlons are physical beings and I was never led to believe anything other than that when I was corresponding with him and Fiona during the compilation of the Babylon 5 Historical Database
B5historyman, thanks for the link confirming a Shadow-Dilgar connection! I had no idea JMS had ever addressed the matter. I am truly hoping to learn more about the Dilgar and their Shadow connections, in whatever form. I’d love to learn more details about many hidden aspects of the Babylon 5 universe, and I’m hoping they will not be kept secret forever.

As for what I paraphrased from the Technomage trilogy, check out book 3, chapter 1, page 7:

The context of the scene is that Kosh is thinking to himself in his quarters aboard Babylon 5, during the episode ‘Interludes and Examinations,’ after he has sent a Vorlon fleet to attack the Shadows directly in Brakiri space. Morden and his three Shadow escorts are coming to kill him, for violating the terms of the Vorlon-Shadow agreement that has governed the conduct of their great proxy wars for eons. Kosh accepts that there is a price to pay for his actions, and he has resolved to pay it.

“The door to his residence slid open, and the enemy entered. They too were creatures of light, yet they preferred a more material form, encasing themselves in jagged carapaces of blackness, adopting outer shapes that reflected the inner truth of their beings.”

I didn’t read the Technomage books umpteen times, just once, a decade ago. But I took notes.

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