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Going back to the Wind Swords, am I missing why we never heard anything about the Vorlons being upset with them? If all of this is true then Deathwalker was an acting Shadow agent being protected by a Minbari Clan who plotted to assassinate a Vorlon. Pretty HUGE deal! Did I miss where it was discussed why the Vorlon's didn't go after the Wind Swords? If it is in one of the novels don't tell me. Just tell me to read the books already.
1. The extremist elements in the Wind Swords were intent on disrupting the Babylon Project by framing Sinclair for the attempt on Kosh's life.

2. Jha'dur gave them the means to poison Kosh, no one apart from some of the Council knew she was even hidden on Minbar.

3. The Vorlons would have taken Sinclair back to the Vorlon Homeworld, to investigate whether he ws a Shadow agent as it could have only been an ally of the Shadows who knew how to kill a Vorlon.

4. Delenn clearly identified the responsible parties as an "extremist element" within the Wind Swords opposed to the Babylon Project. Not the entire Clan, so those elements would have no doubt been routed out and punished accordingly. Whether that came at the hand/tentacle of Ulkesh and the rest of the Vorlon Empire or whether they were incarcerated.

5. The fact that the Vorlons were still working with the Minbari, suggests a suitable form of punishment was agreed for both parties and the matter quietly dropped.
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