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Originally Posted by puzzle View Post
Well, everything is physical.. including stuff we don't know about. And these critters sure seem to be at the far end of physical...

...especially when angered. That's the point where I recall the assassination of the second Vorlon ambassador by B5 staff, at the point when open war with weapons of mass destruction was already being waged...

...and Lorien, who most likely was competent in the matter, described the being that finally confronted Ulkesh... as some of himself and some of Kosh (who was quite dead by average humanoid standards by that point). In that fight, neither Ulkesh nor the creature that fought it seemed to respect the idea of not passing through walls, treating solid matter as a barrier and generally "behaving like a nice material creature".

So I think JMS was stretching the meaning of "physical" to hold the story together. I'd say the Vorlons were no ordinary matter, but quite exotic at the very least. A poison to kill a Vorlon would likely come from those who were acquainted with fighting them. That leaves to me a handful of possible makers, with only one species having the obvious motivation. Whether they made it or gave the necessary background knowledge... who knows.
I posted previously as to where the Wind Swords got the poison from and where Jha'dur got the poison from to give to them.

Regarding the Vorlons, yes they're phsyical. But like ALL living things there is also energy. Both times Vorlons were killed there was an energy discharge that destroyed their physical bodies. There was no body in Kosh's quarters and we do not see any remains of Ulkesh either. The Kosh/Lorien hybrid obviously destroyed Ulkesh's physical form causing the immense energy charge that runs the exterior of the station into Ulkesh's vessel.
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