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Originally Posted by puzzle View Post
Re: How does one poison a being capable of passing through material obstacles, or leaving part of themselves, capable in some way of functioning, into another creature's mind?

Well, maybe the answer is: "how does one shatter vapour with a hammer"? Maybe by waiting until it turns to water and then freezes.

My preferred way of resolving this apparent contradiction is to think that Vorlons could undergo a "phase change" from one form to another. Kosh might have used a more vulnerable form of existence out of habit, out of trust (after all, he knew Sinclair, just not the other way around), maybe for ceremonial reasons, or because he knew he would... kind of difficult to tell...

...but it makes enough sense for me. If you go to open an embassy, you don't burst out of your ship in the most defensible or dangerous form you can take.


Kind of reminds me of when I still used to write fanfic. I had to figure out for myself how to explain the Shadows. And I settled for the explanation that they were just information, pretty much programs of their own making... but a program needs a computer to run on. The same program inhabiting a fair-weather body might have one set of abilities... moving into a massive ship, it would gain different properties... falling out of normal space into hyperspace, or maybe further, it would change yet again... and in some forms it would be vulnerable to attacks, while in a condition of being distributed between different substrates, part in normal space and part elsewhere... it would be very difficult to harm. Except by poison: corrupted information. For which reason it might want to encrypt its memory, randomize its address space and split into multiple processes which check each other's liveness and functioning... which would eventually lead to an individual resembling a mini-society of countless modules (some capable of splitting off and some also rejoining later), just like multi-celled creatures are composed of cells.
Joe has said the Vorlons are physical beings, I've posted links upthread. There's NOTHING in the canon to say they are energy beings. It's fan supposition nothing more.

This explains the reasons for the attempt on Kosh's life from Joe's post on GEnie!se...U/44hNPGDTNQEJ

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