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Re: The Wind Swords

Originally Posted by b5historyman View Post
There wouldn't be any kind of Shadow/Allies escort, Jha'dur came straight from Minbar. Why would the Shadows allies be bothered with someone who, to all intents and purposes was dead?

We can speculate as much but the facts are the first shot just missed but got it's target on the second.
I myself have only recently heard the warning shot theory and I certainly WISH it were true. That doesn't make it true. I do feel like it would make more sense for that random shot to not be random. And I think the Shadows would definitely be interested in Jha'dur once they knew she was alive, which we know they likely would have known once it became public knowledge on B5 or any other planet, especially Earth. That being said I don't know why the Shadows would just take a warning shot and not see it as provocation for a direct conflict. One could argue they were playing it safe.

Anyway I love the conversation and I definitely think it would be more interesting if it really were a warning shot, but with most cases involving my wishes for Babylon 5 those wishes don't always make for reality. Unless someone knows a quote from the show that proves the Shadows were there or JMS admits there was an original intention that we find out later the Shadows were there then it wasn't a warning shot.
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