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Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
What? Millions of years of evolution and the Vorlons haven't a) dealt with that problem or b) learned not to shoot at random? It actually makes less sense than a covert Shadow/Drakh/somebody else escort.

I have no doubt jms said as much somewhere -- you seem to have much more access and resources than I do -- but this is one of those places where I have to say he's entitled to be stupid about his own show. I had a similar moment when he said that Sheridan was "the one who is already dead" that Londo must not kill, when Morden is such a vastly better candidate.
There wouldn't be any kind of Shadow/Allies escort, Jha'dur came straight from Minbar. Why would the Shadows allies be bothered with someone who, to all intents and purposes was dead?

We can speculate as much but the facts are the first shot just missed but got it's target on the second.
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