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Re: LotR (not the one :P )

For me, having read the books many times at many points in my life, the real grandeur of the writing is in the level of investment Tolkien put in -- mapping out the position of at least four different groups of viewpoint characters not only on a X/Y plane but also in time. The real grandeur of the story is in facing despair. It is easy, reading books with tidy endings, to forget that there's the possibility of failure. But the characters don't know that and have to manage, step by step.

As for the Hobbit, you might not want to dismiss it entirely. Yes, it's a children's book -- but as the protagonist grows, so grows the story, and by the climax it's an almost-entirely different tone. (On the other hand, maybe you wouldn't like that tone either.)

B5 is definitely not LotR, but it probably helped JMS to have people think so, since it makes the Vorlons' true colors all the more nasty a surprise.
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