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Re: Read Between The Episodes

Quick question hot shots, I have finished both versions of The Gathering. Lots of thoughts and I took a TON of notes this time. So I would like some opinions. Should I start a new thread titled Reading Between The Episodes: The Gathering? Should I just put these thoughts under an existing Gathering Thread? Or should I just put them here? I am leaning toward a totally new thread only because this one got a little more general than I planned and a new thread title might make more people stop to read and comment. I also wouldn't mind the other two options, but for the above fact I just mentioned. So please take the time to let your opinions be heard on this subject. I think this is especially important for The Gathering because some of the choices made for the Special Edition are so strange to me. I mean what a wonderful opportunity to get a chance to redo a pilot episode and I still feel the original pulls off some scenes better than the remake. Of course that opinion goes the other way too. I may need to gather all the existing footage from WB and make my own version. Anywhooooo hope to hear from you soon!
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