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Re: EpDis: A Distant Star

Yeah I remember seeing that he was wearing the wrong suit. Keffer does have the proper tag during the briefing. My guess is the tags were velcro-ed on and Rusler or the costuming people lost his so they slapped "Roy Gallus" on there.

Anywho, I was discussing this episode over on JMS News and I mentioned an issue that falls into the "Read Between The Episodes" category, but maybe there is an answer out there I don't know about so I'll put it in this thread before mentioning it in that thread.

I would love to know when the Cortez came back into known space. Did they know about the Shadow War? Did they know and choose sides in the Civil War? Did they return after the wars and the establishment of the Interstellar Alliance? If they returned after the wars and the establishment of the Interstellar Alliance things could get really weird. Think about a ship that has been out of contact and they return to find multiple wars have taken place and their government has be overthrown. Of course, that assumes they are completely out of contact with Earthforce, which I'm not sure is entirely accurate. You would assume if they didn't have constant contact with Earthforce then they would likely have had to check in at certain intervals. Anyway, if anyone knows anything or has opinions I am ready to read.
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