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Re: Read Between The Episodes

So I started The Gathering Original Edit again last night. I didn't make it very far because it was late and it had been a long day. It is a strange experience to watch it again knowing what I now know about Takashima. I am only ten or fifteen minutes in, but I am taking notes.

First point I will bring up: Londo Narration.

Doesn't this make it seem like Londo is the focal character? And isn't it interesting that he also narrates In The Beginning. This isn't really a new thought on my part and we know other characters do narration. It's just interesting that in the original the first thing we get is Londo's voice. It makes me wonder why JMS decided to start with him?

BTW, re-watched Problem Child (1990) this weekend. Juarsik is so excellent as the jerk dad. And I wonder what the deal is that he gets a featuring credit during the end credits before the actor's credits scroll?
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