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Re: Read Between The Episodes

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How about "H.M.S.H.E.J.O.T.B.E.G.O.E.H.D.O.R.A.S.T.B.5.M.T.F .T.G.M.E.O.T.I.O.T.F.A.T.G.M.A.O.T.S.S.O.T.B.5.U." for short Your Worship?!
NEVER! I refuse to have my illustrious self reduced to a nickname! You can just copy/paste like everybody else!

The *nerve* of some people...
Yes I do have some "*nerve*" Your Worship. I will try to keep that in check lest I be punished.

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She was probably reassigned to San Diego.
I have become so intrigued by this plot turn. I really wish it had been mentioned in later seasons. Even with where the story went with Talia there could have been some line of dialogue that revealed Takashima was also a sleeper agent. I guess I just wish it had happened because it is a loose end and I hate loose ends.
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