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Re: Read Between The Episodes

Laurel Takashima, was a double agent with an implanted personality, working for the pro Earth Homeguard. It was her that allowed the Minbari assassin into Varner's quarters and erased logs of the transport tube failure. This was being done to disrupt relations with the Vorlons and the Earth Alliance, by framing Sinclair for the assassination attempt and isolating Earth. Working through third parties (Del Varner and the Narn, who saw an opportunity to use a situation to their advantage and forge closer ties with the Vorlons and the Minbari) Homeguard make a deal with the extremist elements in the Wind Swords clan of the Minbari Warrior Caste opposed to the Babylon Project. They would have made an uneasy ally for the Homeguard, but also a readymade scapegoat for their actions, framing the Minbari for the attempt on Kosh’s life, and to hide Laurel’s role.

Her implanted personality was consistent with Psi Corps having sleeper agents acting as their eyes and ears in important Earth Alliance positions, something Jason Ironheart first warned about in 2258. She was put through the sleeper program shortly after her arriving on Mars in 2251. As she worked her way up, reporting secretly back to Psi Corps on EarthForce activities and even getting recruited into the Homeguard to spy on them. When EarthForce investigated the incident, it’s likely that Psi Corps were able to influence the result getting Laurel reassigned to the Rim, keeping their agent out of harm’s way. With no sleeper agent within Babylon 5, they have Talia Winters reassigned to the station filling the vacancy for a commercial telepath.
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