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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

I don't think . . . .

Spoiler for Title:
Jon (Aegon) will have much interest in the throne. He is the true heir, but I doubt he will want that news to spread. I certainly hope the show is not trying to aim toward them ruling together. I was thinking about this last night. Jon (Aegon) has always been thrust into leadership, but his true purpose is defeating the Night King. Dany's purpose has always been leadership. I think once the Night King is defeated Jon (Aegon) becomes expendable. My guess is he'll either die disposing of the Night King or shortly after he disposes of the Night King, his gift of life might even just expire once the Night King is defeated.

So switching gears for a moment, I guess we're not going to get an explanation of the fan theory that the entire frozen lake incident was a trap. It seems logical that the Night King knew they were coming and was ready to try to catch the dragons, but the show decided to not specifically tell us that in episode 7. I find this disappointing because when you look at everything that happened it seems logical that he did indeed have prior knowledge Jon was coming. He knew that if he trapped Jon's (Aegon's) party Dany would bring the dragons. He had the spears ready and the chains ready. Plus in the scene where Jon's party ran onto the frozen lake I remember seeing a shot that stuck out and the idea of a trap makes it fit into place. There was a shot from above of them running out on the frozen lake. You see the Army of The Dead chasing them toward the island, but you also see the Army of The Dead spreading around the shores of the lake to surround the island. If they were just chasing them, how were so many of the Dead aware that they need to redirect around the edges of the lake prior to anyone falling through the ice? Anyway, I wish we had gotten some kind of verification on the the trap.

Another question, were the fan theories about Jon (Aegon) surviving the frozen lake wrong? The theory is that it was his rebirth and that he can resist ice like Dany can survive fire. As far as the show is looking it would appear the theory is wrong since it didn't really come up and we're looking at only a handful of episodes left. It seems like an odd thing to bring up as it gets later and later in the arc. If it had come up immediately after the lake incident then there it is, but to wait seems like a stretch. Maybe the writers need to read all these fan theories before they commit to such drastic changes.

SO the real question is what will Dany's baby be? (I mean you know there will be a baby.) Not only was their union incest, but Jon is also returned from the dead. Plus Jon is the introduction of Stark ancestry into the Targaryan lineage. Anyway, you know they will go there.

And I have always wondered why Rhaegar Targaryen married Elia Martell. I know Dany was not born until after Rhaegar Targaryen was dead, but shouldn't he have married a cousin or something? I read a Wiki that it was because The Mad King felt since he had no daughters they should strengthen their standing by marrying from another noble house. He refused Tywin Lannister's idea that Rhaegar marry Cersei and instead chose Elia. It still seems odd that he wouldn't want Rhaegar to marry another Targaryen even if it wasn't his sister. I know it is late in the game, but I guess I feel this needs more explanation despite the fact that the explanation is obvious, Dany hadn't been born by the time Rhaegar was ready to marry. BUT here is another oddity about it, is it significant that Dany came so late? Is it significant that The Mad King couldn't have daughter until after he himself had been dealt with? Is it significant enough to suggest that The Mad King might not be her father? Okay now I am just off on a tangent that they will never follow with so few episodes remaining, but it really does bother me that they haven't given a SPECIAL reason for why The Mad King decided to marry outside the Targaryen bloodline. I mean you know there were cousins. Not every Targaryen male sibling took The Black.
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