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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series


SO I had a bunch of theories to put out there last week, but after this week I am just floored.

Spoiler for Title:
I can't believe they did the incest thing. Why would they do that? It is such an obvious soap opera moment that is just wrong. Up until now all of the incest has been between people who would be considered the bad guys. Having it happen with heroes is just wrong and off-putting.

What upsets me most about this is that I was planning my LITTLEFINGER IS FINALLY DEAD PARTY and then they went to the incest. The Littlefinger scene has to be a top ten for the show and then they ruin it by putting our heroes in that situation all to be sensational and get them into bed together.

Also the thing with the wall and the dragon looked cool, but I feel it was kind of a dumb idea. Honestly all the Night King had to do was fly over The Wall with other Whitewalkers and they could raise another Army of The Dead. Plus they could fly over and attack Eastwatch from the south and then just ope the door. The thing with the dragon was not real believable, but like I said it looked cool.

So all, but one aspect of the finally was fanfriggintastic.
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