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Re: Read Between The Episodes

I don't remember ever getting an in-universe explanation about why Takashima left. As to what would have happened to her -- that we already know, via Word of JMS. He pointed out that there were many clues pointing to Takashima as a member of the internal conspiracy that led to President Clarke. So she would not have stayed long past Season 1, I think, after shooting Garibaldi in the back. Then Ivanova would have come on as her replacement.

Kyle and Lyta were definitely reassigned because of their contact with Kosh, though.

As to B1 through B3, I think the canonical explanation from JMS was that most of the funding was left over because construction never got far on any of those. All they really had to replace were the I-beams, etc. Babylon 4 got all the remaining money. Then when B4 mysteriously vanished, B5 was built on a much tighter budget, was never really finished, and needed a ton of Minbari funding even still.

As to how people were convinced to keep building them... I used to find that a little hard to believe, but then my hometown decided to replace a highway viaduct with a tunnel in just about the worst possible place, with less functionality than the viaduct it was replacing, and persisted when the bigger-than-ever-before-and-therefore-untested tunnel borer got stuck for over a year after digging just five hundred yards of tunnel. Why? Because contracts had been signed and powerful construction interests have been committed to the project for a long time. So I suspect B1 through B4 were all built by the same contractor, who lobbied pretty hard for the right to finish the job.

In a (slightly) less cynical take, I've had a private theory about the Babylon Project for a long time. The first Babylon station was begun soon after the war, right after EarthForce had essentially been demolished. (They put almost everything they had into the Battle of the Line and almost nothing survived.) EarthForce needed time to build back up, but also the wiser folks probably saw that they needed allies. In other words, diplomacy was now crucial: unable to fight anyone, Earth was forced to talk. The Babylon Project was a way of doing that, plus a way of reminding the other races "Hey, we're still here!" So they'd keep rebuilding the sabotaged stations because they still needed that diplomatic cover.

By the time B4 was hijacked, however, EarthForce was back in action. The Omega-class destroyers were coming on-line and were probably more to the generals' taste. Sheridan and Agamemnon were out showing the flag, making themselves useful, and being pretty diplomatic, but they were also able to fight like hell if they had to. So the Babylon Project had outlived its military usefulness, just as it finally got a station built.

Note that my two theories are totally compatible, by the way.
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