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Re: Read Between The Episodes

Originally Posted by Foxchild View Post
There's the gap between In the Beginning and the Gathering. How, exactly, were 1-3 taken down. And how were people convinced to keep building them? Did the Grey Council have some super-secret Valan prophecy that said to make darn sure they finished at least one of those things?
A very good question. I'm not sure if there is any specific info on who sabotaged the other stations, but I think reading between the lines of what we did learn on screen I'd have to assume it was an Earth First group. Shame JMS didn't give us more detail on the responsible party and whether or not they were ever brought to justice.

Originally Posted by Foxchild View Post
And is there anything canon on what happened to Takashima? Would have been cool if she got promoted to captain her own ship and if they had been able to get the actress back to help Sheridan retake Earth, or, more interestingly, fight against him.
I am pretty tired and not thinking too clearly, but I believe Takashima and Kyle were reassigned because of the Kosh incident, just like Lyta. Earth wanted to know all they knew about the Vorlon. Reading between the lines you have to remember they crossed a pretty big line, so maybe the Vorlons pressured Earth to punish them in some way. The Vorlon's weren't going to mess with Sinclair's path, but they might have wanted some retribution for being disobeyed. But like I said, I believe it is mentioned they were reassigned because of what they learned. Can't remember specifics right now.
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