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Re: Read Between The Episodes

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Something I've always wondered about. Why the heck was Sheridan so easy to convince/persuade about the threat of the Shadows and that there was a war coming? The more I watch, the more I think that could have used some extra exhibition.
Definitely true, but I think you have to remember Spider in The Web, 2.6, where Sheridan mentions his hobby of collecting secrets. We don't know what secrets he's come across on his own that have pointed to the rise of the Shadows. We also know that he does have some secret conspiracy connection to Hague. We know they were monitoring what happened with Santiago, which means they might have had a hint that something else was going on with an unknown new player. I think these are points that can help fill in some answers when it comes to why Sheridan was so easy to convince about the threat of the Shadows. There was stuff going on in the background we weren't always told specifics about, but I feel like we were given hints. I certainly wish we had been given more specifics.
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