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Read Between The Episodes

So I decided to start a new thread that will be full of speculation about what might have happened between episodes. This is where I will postulate theories on what I think fans could assume might have been going on during those gaps between episodes. This is where I will imagine what was happening when we weren't told it was happening or had happened.

I will let people know once again that I have NOT read everything relating to B5. I know some stuff and I don't know some stuff, so when I speculate please don't hesitate to tell me I am wrong and tell me what really happened - Jan has been doing it to me for years. Like I said this will be speculation, but I imagine what I come up with will be some things we could all logically conclude might have happened in the time span between episodes. And maybe I'll even speculate about something that did actually happen in the time frame between episodes that I didn't know happened and someone can tell me I was right.

As stated, please feel free to correct me and add your own thoughts as well.
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