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Re: Theory on "In the Beginning"

Originally Posted by Bazza View Post
Or how much Delenn sounded like the 'Minbari woman' in charge and she would chuckle and say ....
In fairness I believe almost twelve years had past between their meetings. I doubt he would remember exactly what her voice sounded like. She didn't say much and what she did say was spoken in authoritative Minbari. It would have been nice to mention the meeting at some point during Season 5, but JMS can't think of everything.

All kidding aside something like this would have helped cement their relationship. One weakness of B5 is that the story is told within the constraints of a television show format. They really can't show you everything and one thing we definitely don't get established well enough is the relationship growth between Delenn and Sheridan. I mean they do kind of go on their first date in Season Two, A Race Through Dark Places, but for the most part them falling in love as it is shown to us feels rushed to me. It isn't some awful thing that ruins the show by any means, it is just a slightly noticeable flaw. When they start to get emotional toward each other it just seems a bit like did I miss something. I look at it as another one of my "Read Between The Episodes" moments. Remember you can imagine that other things happen on the station in the time that passes between episodes, so maybe Sheridan and Delenn actually spend quite a bit of time together when we're not seeing them on screen.
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