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Re: Theory on "In the Beginning"

Originally Posted by Bazza View Post
Sorry for the necro, but just watched ITB and couldn't find any info about Delenn meeting her future husband during the Earth-Minbari war. Is this an alternate timeline?
Not quite sure how you mean it, but there is a scene where Sheridan and Franklin are captured by the Minbari and brought before Delenn before execution. They don't actually meet because he never even sees her face. I myself have often wondered about the fact that she never mentioned the incident to him in the show. You know it could have gone like, "Hey you know that time during the Earth-Minbari war when you and Franklin were captured. You were going to be interrogated and executed, but then you repeated what Lenonn told you to say and your life was spared. THAT WAS ME!" I mean I understand that ITB was shot around the same time as Season 5, so it is just an oversight that she never mentions it during Season 5, but it sure would have been great to hear her explain it during Season 5 - you know like a wedding night story.
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