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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
We know there are a variety of stores, restaurants, clubs, and bars on B5, but why not hotels? Can anyone tell me one instance where a hotel name was mentioned? I know there are episodes that discuss accommodations for travelers, but I only remember ever hearing it referred to as guest quarters in certain sections. Why not hotel names? And if there are hotels how would they work? Would they just be demarcated guest quarters in a certain sections?
Space (so to speak) being at a premium, any shops or kiosks on the station would have to have rent paid. In the case of hotel 'quarters', you're talking about the hotel chain having to pay rent on them even if they're not occupied. That would be ideal for the station but it's not likely that a hotel chain would be terribly interested in that deal since there'd be no way for them to attract occupancy. Chances are, Earthforce ended up operating guest quarters as much out of necessity as they did from a profit motive.
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