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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
Well when this Season ends it will likely be tougher for you than it is for others whom have been watching since the beginning. I know my mother and my aunt got caught up very quickly so they could watch Season 5 and 6 respectively. My mother binge watched Seasons 1-4 in a VERY short span of time to be ready for the Season 5 premier. My aunt watched Seasons 1-5 with my mother the next year in not as short a period of time to be ready for Season 6. Both found it infuriating that after watching so much of the show over relatively small periods of time they had to wait a year or more to watch the next season. And now it sounds like we will be waiting even longer for Season 8.
I am a fan of the BBC series "Sherlock". It, and a few other BBC shows, have taught me that sometimes a little bit of quality is well worth a wait. Getting successful writers, actors, directors and crew together at the same time must be nightmarish with some of these projects.

Besides, might there not be a chance that the book series might be a little bit further along its timeline and plot? HBO was really just making up its own story completely pretty early on in its series. I can't help but wonder if the delay might not actually help improve that, at least.

Of course, the flip side of the coin: the longer we wait the higher the risk that some key people could die, go insane, become born again, or meet some other hellish demise.
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