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Re: REPEAT viewing order if most seen already

If you look at that viewing order, down past all the episodes, it shows you the list of movies and when you are supposed to watch them.

Of course The Gathering comes before the episodes.

Thirdspace comes around the time of Moments of Transition in Season 4.

Then River of Souls, Legend of The Rangers, and All Call To Arms all take place after Objects at Rest in Season 5.

Of course after A Call To Arms you watch Crusade and then come back to watch The Lost Tales.

After The Lost Tales is In The Beginning, which seems like a prequel, but it is really told in 2278. It just happens to mostly be a story set in the past, but Londo is telling it in 2278.

Then you move on to Sleeping In Light.

The real question is when do you want to watch Deconstruction of Falling Stars. Technically, like In The Beginning, the story is set far into the future, which means if you are watching chronologically you should watch it last. It tells segments that span from 2262 to far into the future, but they all come from the perspective of a future viewer. Unlike In The Beginning I usually just watch Deconstruction at the end of Season 4. My next rewatch, however, I will put it last.
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