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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

What changed your mind about a reboot?
I've tried introducing B5 to many of my younger friends and friends' kids who have reached their teenage years, and none of them took. They like Doctor Who, the new Battlestar, DS9, and other new sci-fi, but they don't like early TNG or B5. Too "staged," they say. Too theatrical. The CGI is "corny" or "low budget," which we all know it wasn't at the time.

Is it still my favorite sci-fi of all time? Absolutely. But I grew up with it at the age most of them are now. I suffered through the months between seasons and the uncertainty of each following season even airing at all. B5 was a game-changer as far as CGI, plot and character development goes.

I am absolutely in support of a reboot, with JMS having full creative control. There were some things Ron Moore did with BSG that I thought weren't necessary. I would want JMS to have that control without having to write all of the scripts, which damn near killed him the first time. JMS is B5's Roddenberry, just not as kooky.

RW - good to see you too!
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