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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

Have the last of the Dilgar (Deathwalker & friends) join the Shadows.

Introduce G'Kar as a pirate/smuggler. The Narn Regime supplied us with Centauri weapons yes, but go two further and have G'Kar selling/supplying us weapons on his own. Make him a popular Resistance fighter among the Narn who scrapped together his own ship and does what he wants. He could either join in the battle of the line (with the EA) or he could be smuggling people off world while the battle rages. He could have either motivation for helping, profit, or just because it's right. His ship could be just a little thing with a 2 or three person crew. Get him a bodyguard and maybe a pilot.

He could then be named ambassador to B5.

Later on in the show you could have him smuggling Narns off the homeworld and then sneeking back to B5.

Have a worldwide draft on Earth to fight the Minbari... establish that even though they cut through Human ships like butter it is possible to combat them with fighters. Weapons don't lock on to their ships but manual targeting works just fine, all starfuries are loaded to the max with rockets. Turn it into a human fighter vs minbari capital ship war.

Sinclair/Sheridan could become Star-Killer at the battle of the line when he flies into the Minbari flagship.

Then the Minbari surrender.
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