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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

If B5 would ever get a big budget movie I would want a younger cast (not too young though)... then there's a higher probability of a sequel or some other form of continuation. Bester could be portrayed by someone of any age because he's just a teep/psi cop, no job experience required, he was born/will live/and most likely die one day for or because of the corps.

A younger Sheridan and or Sinclair would be awesome... Do a Dilgar War movie. Establish some new EA officer/characters, they could have the remaining cast members from B5 play older/high up people in the Earth Alliance/Minbari Federation/Narn Regime/& Centauri Republic... then get the Mibari war going. Younger Delenn, G'Kar, Mollari, Sheridan, Sinclair, Garibaldi, Franklin, Ivanov, Ivanova (make 'em twins, and put them in Sinclair's squadron. They could be freakin high school freshman tapped for military service.) Initially establish the Minbari as the bad guys, show how desperate the Earth/Mibari war was. No hope, kill half the cast... and then have Sinclair smash his fighter into a Minbari ship, half kill him, scar him up, get Valen some war scars... start this beautiful B5 rebirth off right. Hell, you could even merge Sheridan AND Sinclair into one character.

Then redo the show. Feel free to recast whoever since there will be a time gap as B1 through B4 are built and lost. Give us a 10 season story arc this time.

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