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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

Originally Posted by Psi Cop View Post
Re re-boot I'll believe it when I see it. IMHO Kevin Spacey would make a good Bester.
Oh yes. I think Spacey would LOVE the show if he watched it all the way through to research Bester. I think he would LOVE Bester and the character would get more of the recognition he deserves for being one of the best villains of all time. I don't think people realize that television had very few, if any, villains on the level of Bester before Bester. What I mean by that is that having watched A LOT of television I think I can safely say that there are few villains in TV history prior to Bester that were as multi-layered and complex as Bester. Also in the way Bester was used in the show. One episode he is the evil scoundrel; the next episode he is the evil scoundrel the heroes have to work with; the next episode he is the evil scoundrel who is actually doing something good and all the while he thinks he is the hero. It is an amazing thing to watch. I only wish we had seen more of him back then.
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