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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

In contrast, I've never even seen all of S5. I missed portions or the entirety of several of the telepath-focused eps, and I've also never seen "Day of the Dead." So in some ways I have missed bits of the season that are the most commonly disliked on the internet. (And while I have often started re-watches with new people, I've never gotten all the way through with everyone! I'm hoping to break that pattern soon with my sweetheart, but we have only just gotten past the mid-point, halfway through S3.)

I generally make allowances for the season's rockiness on terms of the way S4 had to get wrapped up so fast. There are other problems with S5, but most of those have their roots in the show's bigger problems.

And say what you like about S5 (or the show's back half as a whole!), it does end really well. Once the focus gets back on the Centauri it's pretty top-quality right through to the end. And then, well... "Sleeping in Light" is what it is.
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