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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

I probably said this earlier in the thread, but I am too lazy to go look for it. I like season 5. I first started watching Babylon 5 during season 5, so I knew nothing of the who's better debates....Sheridan/Sinclair or Ivanova/Lochley and all the other reasons why some fans who had seen the previous seasons already were so down on season 5. I really liked it. I got hooked on the first episode that I saw. To me it was new, and different, and it really drew me in. I really enjoyed it, and then began looking for the other seasons on VHS tape (didn't have DVD at the time.....even if it ). When I found them it didn't really bother me that season 5 was so "different" from the other seasons. I liked the show too much to let that bother me.
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