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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

So I REALLY regret not being around for this thread when it started. So many comments and I only got through reading the first two pages. I will say this much because I have often heard people refer/complain about JMS writing note on cards. When I was in film school we were taught to map out a screenplay on cards. Write all of the scenes/action out on 3"x5" cards then order them the way we wanted it to unfold. It was a way to get everything you wanted to happen in order before you started writing dialogue. It was also a visual representation of the structure that you could move around easily when you had it laid out in front of you. I don't even know how to comment on everything else I've read. I would have to quote so many things from other posts. I'm not talking about anything I find really bad or wrong, just discussion. Oh well I may have to start my own Season 5 stuff when I get there again.
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