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Re: Babylon 5 Civlization IV Space Mod

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Welcome to B5TV, Blake, and thanks for sharing this. I always loved Civ 2 and Civ 3, despite being a fairly mediocre player. I've never picked up Civ 4, though -- but this may persuade me. This and the Final Frontier mod in general, which is fairly intriguing all by itself. I'd never heard of such a thing.
Thanks Koshfan, yeah I was the same as you. I'd spent my youth playing Civ 1, 2 and bit of 3 but had just never got around to playing Civ 4 all these years. Then I found out about the Star Trek & Babylon 5 mods and just couldn't resist checking them out. I still haven't played a game of vanilla Civ4 haha, completely addicted to the B5 mod instead lol!

Looking forward to playing the Star Trek mod next too as I wanna have a Borg game where everyone hates you so you have to fight to survive in the early game so that you can get to the freaky late game super Borg cubes and then just kick everyone's butts lol! But I want to complete the B5 mod first. Nearly there though.. I'm getting the final techs now and am flying around the galaxy with Warlocks kicking Drakh ass. Might do a 3rd video at some point to show people what the cool end game looks like. I'm stuck at the moment trying to build Babylon 5. Think there might be a bug with it as I haven't had much luck with that one yet.
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