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Re: Babylon 5 Related Games & Mod Projects

Thanks.. been years in the making & the awesome B5 game projects just seem to keep coming despite all the years since the show.

Well if you've never played any of them before then I'd definitely recommend the Babylon 5 Civ 4 space mod if you're a strategy gamer looking for a sandbox galaxy experience (civ 4 is required). I've been completely addicted to that over the last few days lol!

If you prefer real time strategy then Sins of the Younger races for Sins of a Solar Empire is really good (sins is required).

If you want more close up fleet action then the Babylon Project for Freespace has lots of awesome mission based campaigns. Some of the ideas they came up with such as playing as the shadows or being one of President Clarks henchmen are awesome (freespace NOT required).

If you want more of a cockpit dogfighting sim then Babylon 5 I've Found Her is really great and has cool cutscenes showing how you're a Psicorps operative on a Earthforce Destroyer (not a mod so no other game required).
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