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Babylon 5 Related Games & Mod Projects

Hey guys!

I’m looking to engage the various Babylon 5 communities to help me build an ever improving list of B5 related games out there. Plus I'm wondering if all the Babylon 5 fans out there know about some of the great fan game projects out there keeping the B5 universe alive?

Like many I was not happy when sierra cancelled the official B5 game back in 1997 so I was thrilled when I discovered a few years back that fans had started making B5 games and mods of their own! These games have incredible attention to detail recreating many of the ships, characters and stories from the B5 universe or telling new stories, all while capturing the atmosphere, look and sounds of the show.
Some of these projects are mods to pre-existing games, which has resulted in fans of those games finding the B5 mods and then wanting to watch the show on tv or buy the dvds. Certainly another good example of the power of internet communities keeping the B5 universe going and attracting new interest along with reinvigorating old fans..
As a big fan of these projects I decided to create a webpage listing all of the Babylon 5 games and mods showing off how amazing some of these projects are here:

Babylon 5 Fan Games List (Updated 2/1/2017) :

Top Projects
- B5X3 – TC (Total Conversion) Mod for X3 Terran Conflict
- B5 I've Found Her Series
- The Babylon Project - TC Mod for Freespace 2
- Dark Children (play as the shadows TBP addon campaign)
- The Relic (play as President Clark’s forces TBP addon campaign)
- B5 TC mod for Civilization 4 Final Frontier
- B5 At War - TC Mod for Star Wars Empire At War FOC
- B5 Sins of the Younger Races - TC Mod for Sins of a Solar Empire
- B5 War Without End - TC Mod for Homeworld 2

Other Cool Projects
- B5 Stardrive – TC Mod for Stardrive
- B5 TC Mod for Star Trek Armada 2
- Buda 5 - TC Mod for Independence War 1 & 2
- B5 The Great Wars - TC Mod for Homeworld
- B5 TC Mod for Homeworld
- B5 Sector 87
- B5 Third Age
- B5 The Geometry of Shadows: B4 Minbari Project
- Shadowfall - TC Mods for Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
- WTS World - TC Multi-Universe (Including B5) Mod for Freelancer
- Galaxy's At War - TC Multi-Universe (Including B5) Mod for Freelancer
- B5 - TC Server Mod for Freelancer
- B5 TC Mod for Star Wars X-Wing Alliance
- B5 Commander - TC Mod for Wing Commander Privateer
- B5 Flight Simuation
- GROPOS - TC Mod for Tread Marks
- B5 Conflict of Interest - TC Mod for Homeworld
- B5 Severed Dreams
- B5 TC Mod for BattleCruiser Millenium
- B5 TC Mod for Star Trek Klingon Academy

- Babylon 5 Into The Fire - Someone leaked to the public the original unfinished Sierra game!

If you have any cool demos, videos, and pictures that I don’t have for projects in my list please contact me. Also please let me know if there are there any other B5 related game/mod projects out there that I haven’t listed here.


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