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RIP Doug Netter

John Copeland posted this to his Facebook page this morning:

Originally Posted by John Copeland
I have some sad news to share with all of you Babylon 5 fans out there. Doug Netter, our fearless leader and executive producer of B5 has passed away and gone beyond the Rim. Doug lived a long an full life and was a driving force behind the series. It was thanks to Doug's tireless efforts that ensured that B5 got a fifth season, even though it meant moving to TNT. He didn't have much give up in him. He was a terrific cheerleader for those who worked with him and he a never afraid to learn new things. It was in large part to his enthusiasm that B5 even made it to the screen.
So far I haven't seen anything in Variety or the Hollywood Reporter but I'm pretty sure Mr. Copeland's a reliable source.

RIP Mr. Netter, and thanks for all you did.
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