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Re: The Original Battlestar Galactica

Originally Posted by Sinclair View Post
I own the entire series of the newer one.
Oooooo! Why?!

Originally Posted by Sinclair View Post
I'll have to check it out sometime. Any idea if it's on Netflix or Amazon Prime?
It is not. It is currently on Amazon, but it is Pay-Per-Episode. (Don't do that. It isn't that good. ) I also checked Hulu and nope. I am sure it will be back on one of them soon. Or maybe Go90 will get it to go along with B5.

I will say that it is not a show you should go into thinking it will be brilliant, unless you can put mind back in time to 1978. It is fun and at times has some brilliant qualities. Of course there are also annoying aspects as well. Basically don't have high expectations other than trying to enjoy the fun retro quality of it.
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