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Re: How Would You Show Both Versions Of The Gathering?

Originally Posted by Sinclair View Post
Tough question. I would say show the original version first followed by edit. Or you could show the edit after you are done with the series as a couple things here and there would make more sense. In the long run it probably doesn't matter a whole lot though.
Yes you can see why I am debating. The problem with "In the long run" is the person I am viewing it with. He is very big into seeing things chronologically. He loves finding all of the little connecting details. (He recently discovered Hammer Horror films and LOVES them. He heard certain movies are connected and he has been trying to track all of them down to watch in order and find the connections despite my telling him that this effort might very well turn his mind into a Hammer Horror Film. ) I am going to take some serious heat for showing him IN THE BEGINNING much later on, so I don't know if I want to add a second movie to that list by showing him The Gathering Re-Edit much later on.

As you know there are many discussions on how to show the series. I think if I explain all of that to him he will want to watch the series in the order recently posted by b5historyman. The question is how to fit The Gathering into that chronological order with the two different versions. They really are different when you really get in there, but I do believe they end at the same point. The message is the same even if different words were used to deliver it.

Thanks for the early input Sinclair.
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