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How Would You Show Both Versions Of The Gathering?

Question for the group: How Would You Show Both Versions of The Gathering?

I am going to show Babylon 5 to a newbie. I am pretty sure he is going to become a fan. We are starting with The Gathering. I originally thought that I wanted to show him the Original Version followed immediately by the JMS or TNT Version, however you want to call it. I wanted to be sure he notices all the little differences between the two, like where certain lines of dialogue were changed and so on. Now that I have had too much time to think about it I am not sure I want to do it this way. So should I show him both versions of The Gathering at the same time or save the Re-Edit for later or show him the Re-Edit first? This is an important question because it will shape his expectations, especially if I were to show him the Re-Edit first then go back and show him the Original Cut down the road.

Please vote and then tell me reasons why. THANKS!
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